One Current Account Opened, One Tree Planted

News, Monday 25th April, by HSSCU

HSSCU Are Proudly Planting Trees!


For every current account opened we’re planting one tree. We’re proud to have partnered with Cloud Forests as a Cool Partner. All members need to do is open a current account with us!  HSSCU will plant a tree for every new current account opened and anyone switching! With Ulster Bank and KBC exiting the Irish market it’s the perfect time to make that switch to HSSCU Current Account. We’ll do the rest in conjunction with our tree planting partners.



This is an initiative that focuses on making a positive impact on climate change, enhances environmental protection and helps to strengthen biodiversity. It is an investment in our collective future. These trees will be planted in County Clare along the Atlantic Coast in a wood named after HSSCU and its members past, present and future. The HSSCU Wood, will grow every time a current account is opened with us! A new native Irish tree will be planted for each current account opened.


Your credit union is planting a tree for each member who does this. Cloudforests, are a leading Irish climate action company focused on forest creation and environmental protection. Our partners are investing in new native tree plantations, existing plantations and forests that have been forgotten or neglected, providing a comprehensive approach. With this partnership we are working with Ireland’s leading foresters to tackle a serious issue of our times.


Your credit union is the first one in Ireland to be involved with a project like this on such a scale. Ireland was once the most forested country in Europe. Today it has just 11% tree cover, with only 2% of this being native forest. This is a stark contrast to the European average of 33.5% coverage.


Working with you and our planting partners we can have a positive impact in reversing this trend by planting native Irish trees and be involved in the reforesting parts of Ireland. Your family members can also join and have a current account with HSSCU, meaning you’re planting more trees. We’re helping to turn this around with our members and developing a positive legacy for future generations.


Through the establishment of these forests and our collective role in planting trees it has a very positive impact on the biodiversity of that area creating the most natural habitat for all forms of life here in Ireland. Our members will directly impact the reduction of CO2 emissions in Ireland helping it meet its Climate Action Goals.


Find out more here: Proudly Planting Trees

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