Proudly Planting Trees

For every current account opened we’re planted one tree. Reaching 1,000 trees planted for members.

HSSCU proudly planted 1,000 trees! One for every current account opened .

One for each member who opened a current account with their credit union.


All our members had to do was open a current account with HSSCU.  We were the first credit union in Ireland to be involved with a project like this on such a scale. If you’re not a member already join HSSCU today.


We did this in conjunction with our tree planting partner. This is an initiative that focuses on making a positive impact on climate change, enhances environmental protection and which helps to strengthen biodiversity. It is an investment in our collective future.


This is a token of appreciation for our members because they’ve chosen to have their current account with us. One that is long lasting and will have a positive impact on our environment and climate. We’re proud to have partnered with Cloud Forests as a Cool Partner, one of Ireland’s leading service providers in this area.


To set you a current account with HSSCU, you need to:


  • Firstly, be a HSSCU member.
  • Have up-to-date ID and address verification in your account, including an Eircode.
  • Be registered for CUOnline+, HSSCU’s online banking portal.


Open Your Current Account Here

What Our Members Will Receive

What Our Members Will Receive

A personalized tree planting cert with your name and accompanying that will be details on the project.

To be part of the HSSCU woods on the Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry.

Play a part in tackling climate change and reforestation.

Access to materials relating to the project from our partners.

A current account from your credit union who strives to put you and our community first, always.

The HSSCU Wood, grew every time a current account is opened with us! A native Irish tree was planted for each current account opened. As these forests develop with our members help the biodiversity enhanced and so are many animal’s habitats. The plan is to also facilitate the support of bees in the area within these woods.

Our Partner: Cloud Forests

Cloudforests, are a leading Irish climate action company focused on forest creation and environmental protection.

A carbon negative business.

Directly investing in land to plant trees.

Investing in new native tree plantations, existing plantations & forests that have been forgotten or neglected.

Partnered with Ireland’s leading foresters to implement our vision.

Our Partner: Cloud Forests

Current Account Features

  • Competitive and Low Fees
  • Full Salary Paid Into Current Account
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay & Fitbit Pay
  • Online Shopping & Contactless Payments
  • Debit Card (Mastercard®) - Globally Accepted
  • Free Online Banking & HSSCU App
  • Overdraft (Up to €5,000, subject to approval)
  • Benefit from Mastercard Priceless (visit

Transfer Current Account Yourself

Opening a Current Account: If you are a member of the HSSSCU and are registered for online banking, you can open a current account in your online area once your account has been updated with all relevant paperwork.

Make Note of Payments: Make a note of all payments on your old current account – this includes Direct Debits, Standing Orders, recurring payments, and credits into your account (e.g. wages, social welfare). You should also review your old account for any recurring payments that may be linked to your debit card as these will need to be updated to your new card details.

Update: You will need to update any supplier/utility companies you pay by Direct Debit of your new current account details. You will also need to update your employer and social welfare of the change in details. You can set up any active Standing Orders yourself in your HSSCU online area or if you wish complete the Standing order request form and return it to the HSSCU and we will set up the payments for you. You will find all relevant forms in the transfer guide.

Close Old Account: Once you’re happy all payments have been moved across to your new HSSCU current account, you may wish to close your old current account. In order to do this you should contact your old bank, who will then inform you of their process on how to close your old account.

Transfer Pack
Transfer Current Account Yourself
Switching Current Account From Your Bank?

Switching Current Account From Your Bank?

HSSCU is a non-profit financial institution. We give all surpluses directly back to you – our members. While we are bringing a student account to you with fantastic features, where we are different is in our ethos. HSSCU is passionate about giving back to our community and also battling climate change. We do our utmost to constantly improve our corporate social responsibility and we don’t just say it – we show it.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone on 01 677 8648, email us at, or pop into one of our branches.

Information On Switching

Important Information

  • The maximum issuable overdraft amount is €5,000 (subject to approval).
  • If your card is damaged, lost, or stolen call Credit Union Card Services on 01 693 3333.  The Customer Services line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Calls are charged at your standard network rate.  Calls from mobiles may be higher. New cards will be issued on requests within 7 – 10 working days.
  • If you need to calculate currency conversion, you can do so right here.
  • Mastercard and Priceless are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. This card is issued by Transact Payments Malta Limited pursuant to licence by Mastercard International. Transact Payments Malta Limited is duly authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a Financial Institution under the Financial Institution Act 1994. Registration number C 91879. Credit unions are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
Cloud Forest Livestream

Cloud Forest Livestream

You can watch a livestream of the forest from Clare via our partners YouTube Channel. From here people will get live updates from our partner’s forests.

Watch It Here

Current Account FAQ

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