Privacy Policy

We don’t, as a general rule, collect personal information (such as name, address, contact details) about you when you visit our site.

For certain section of the sites, where you require further information personal information is collected in order to reply to specific queries you make. This information will only be used to reply to your comment or query and will not be used for any other purpose without your prior consent. We will not share your personal details with any third parties.


For general web browsing no personal information is revealed to us. Certain information in relation to web usage is revealed via our internet service provider who records some of the following data. The information we receive depends upon what you do when visiting our site.


Where this information is recorded it is used to allow us improve the information we are supplying to our users, find out how many people are visiting our sites and for statistical purposes. Some of the above information is used to create summary statistics which allow us to assess the number of visitors to the different sections of our site, discover what information is most and least used, inform us on future design and layout specifications, and help us make our site more user friendly.