Betty Noone Memorial Bursary

HSSCU's Bursary is named after esteemed former treasurer; Betty Noone. Betty was passionate about helping members with their educational and cultural pursuits. This bursary lives on in her name.

Applications for our Betty Noone Memorial Bursary is open for 2024. 

  • We support all members and their families in pursuing educational, personal development, and cultural courses.
  • You can apply to receive a contribution for the fees you have paid for yourself or for your children.
  • We make grants of varying amounts to help as many members as we can (maximum grant of €500).
  • All funds are split between each year’s applicants to use the entire €120,000 amount.
  • You need to be a member of HSSCU for at least 6 months before applying to the Betty Noone Memorial Bursary. You must maintain a balance of €50 in your account (excluding the €2.75 for our Member Prize Draw). 
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Betty Noone Bursary application support documentation will need to be emailed to

Other educational support options include our Scholarships, Education Loans, and Student Accounts.

Every year the fund of €120,000 is distributed amongst successful applicants. In 2023 the average amount received by an applicant was €243.

The closing date for applications is the 31st of July 2024.

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