Shares Accounts

One of the best ways to ensure financial health is to save regularly. Help us help you with a HSSCU Shares Account.

The maximum that you can hold between all of your HSSCU accounts is €100,000. 


  • Opening up a shares account with HSSCU helps you develop a good savings habit.
  • You can access your funds on CUOnline+ should you need them.
  • Your savings will be pooled with other members’ savings to provide loans for the HSSCU community.
  • All of our shares accounts have life insurance* at no extra cost to you. You’ll be asked to nominate your beneficiaries when you open your account.
  • Shares can be secured in your account in order to get an especially low secured loan rate.
  • Required to maintain a minimum balance of €6.35 to ensure you become a member and remain a member.


*Terms and Conditions apply