Credit Union Savings Account

Saving with HSSCU is easy and worthwhile.

Why Save With HSSCU?

  • We have easy payment options such as direct debits and payroll deductions (where in operation)
  • You can withdraw your uncommitted savings at any time
  • You have control of your savings in your free online banking (CUOnline+)
  • Free life cover on your shares (terms and conditions apply)
  • Your savings are covered under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  • We have special savings products such as our 'Christmas Savings Accounts'
  • Your shares may earn a dividend
  • Deposit accounts earn interest

Our Shares Accounts

One of the best ways to ensure financial health is to save regularly.

Opening up a share account with HSSCU helps you develop a good savings habit.

Your savings will be pooled with other members’ savings to provide loans for the HSSCU community, but don’t worry, you can access your shares at any point.

All of our share accounts have life insurance at no extra cost to you. You will be asked to nominate your beneficiaries when you open your account to make sure that everything is in order for you.

More about our shares accounts

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What Do Our Members Say?

I decided to go back to college and had done 3 years, but couldn’t afford to do my 4th. I had to take a year out and try to save up money, however I have 3 kids at home so that was a bit of a struggle. Then I saw Kredit and the advertisement of the scholarship and I applied, not really believing that I would get it. However, I got a phone call from HSSCU to say that I had won the scholarship. It just made my life so much easier. I’m fully qualified now, I just finished my 4th year and I’d like to say thank you to HSSCU for making my journey that little bit easier.

Around the same time that I was accepted to my Masters in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies I received a letter through the door from HSSCU where I saw that there is a scholarship available for higher education students. I applied for the scholarship not really thinking that I would succeed. A few weeks into the course I received a call from Pádraig telling me that I had been chosen for the scholarship and I couldn’t believe it – it was just fantastic! It made such a difference to me. Thank you so much HSSCU for
sponsoring me in my education.

As a long term member of the Health Services Staffs Credit Union I was aware of its commitment to supporting and promoting lifelong learning. This meant an awful lot to me, as I am retired. My course suited me down to the ground because I believe one learns so much from the process of exploring ideas, experimenting with different techniques and materials and problem solving. The scholarship has made it possible for me to realise my dream and I found the support and encouragement from the HSS Credit Union personnel very helpful.

What the scholarship has done is afford me a chance to better myself through further education at a time in my life where it was not financially an option. It was a pipe dream, but now I find myself halfway through my course. The HSSCU are not just supporting me by awarding me this scholarship, they are supporting my family and ultimately providing us with a brighter future.

The HSSCU scholarship has effectively changed my life. I received a call to say that I have been awarded the HSSCU scholarship to the value of €15,000. I am not sure I can accurately put into words the level of impact it has had and will continue to have on my life. It has served as a means for me to engage in something truly meaningful and has opened up a door to my dream job.

I dealt with Celia, who is a super woman. Her caring manner and professionalism was very, very evident throughout the experience. She is a great representative of the credit union.