Junior Accounts

We believe in encouraging saving as early as possible. Encouraging our children to start saving at a young age is the gift that keeps on giving.

Savings Tips for Young Members:

As a parent or guardian, you can save into your child’s account and also encourage them to do so. You can help them save some of their pocket money into their account and build a savings habit that lasts for life. This is an excellent habit to develop for future independence. 

  • Set Savings TARGETS (Weekly goals are great for younger children)
  • Set Savings GOALS (E.G. After 1 month of saving, they can buy themselves a new toy)
  • Save Continuous Small Amounts
  • Have Them Track Their Savings
  • Set Incentives for Saving (Maybe they get to watch their favourite show or play their favourite game every time they save?)

Savings Tips for ADULTS


  • Reward children for regular saving. Story-time, playdates and play-time are great incentives.
  • Encourage children not to buy on impulse, but to take time to consider their decision.
  • Identify Savings goals – both short term and long term.
  • Make a colourful Savings Calendar to highlight when the goal will be achieved.
  • Give pocket money in small denominations to encourage children to put a little aside.
  • Consider linking pocket money to chores – Money should be earned.
Application Form Junior Activity Pack

What Do I Need To Apply?

All of the information you need is noted on our application form, which you can FREEPOST to us, but please see examples below:

  • Copy of Child's Birth Certificate
  • Certified Copy of Parent/Guardian's Photo Identification E.G. Passport/Driver's License
  • Copy of A RECENT Utility Bill OR a Copy of The Parent/Guardian's RECENT Bank Statement
  • Proof of Child's PPSN
  • If The Child Has a Guardian, a Copy of The Legal Guardianship Is Required



Once a junior member turns 16, control of the account is with the account holder, i.e. the now adult member.

All Junior Accounts are Shares Accounts in HSSCU, meaning that their funds will be accessible to them as Shares Accounts going forward.