Junior Accounts

We believe in encouraging saving as early as possible and have three saving accounts for our junior members.

As a parent or guardian, you can save into your child’s account. When they get older, encourage them to save some of their pocket money into their account. This is an excellent habit to develop for adult life.



Cheeky Monkeys


This account is for our youngest members (aged 0 – 5 years).

All our monkeys receive a savings chart to help them plot their savings, a money box and other goodies from time to time.

Terrific Tigers


Members aged 6-11 years are our tigers.

Our tigers receive a special poster and goodies perfect for their age group. Tigers can enter our competitions and win more goodies and prizes.

Groovy Giraffes


Once children reach 12 years of age, they become one of our giraffes.

Our groovy giraffes are 12-15 years old. We help this group manage their money with specially designed budget planners and other goodies. Our giraffes can also enter our competitions and win fantastic prizes.



Once a Junior member turns 16, control of the account is with the account holder, ie. the Junior member.

All Junior Accounts are share accounts in the credit union.