How To Move Your Current Account

News, Tuesday 19th April, by HSSCU

How To Move Your Current Account


Many members will be negatively affected by the decision of Ulster Bank and KBC to cease their operations here. You can open a current account with us and have your salary paid into it.

It has a Mastercard Debit card attached and you will also have full online access via our mobile app.


The best first step to take is to open a current account with us today. It’s one of the most affordable on the market at €4 per month. Once you have the account opened you will then be ready to start the Switching process and following the steps outlined below:


1. Choose a New Provider: HSSCU

We offer overdraft facilities up to €5,000 and provide mobile payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay. All from your credit union that you know and trust all at the very competitive and affordable rate of €4 per month.


2. Setting Up a Current Account with HSSCU.

HSSCU members can apply for our current account instantly in their CUonline account. To open a current account, your account will have to have an up to- date photo ID (Passport or Driving Licence) & proof of address (bank statement or utility bill, dated within 6 months of your current account application). Once your current account is opened you will receive a welcome letter from your credit union detailing your BIC and IBAN. If you have applied for a debit card, it will take up to 10 business days to receive both your debit card and your PIN (personal identification number).


3. Contact HSSCU

Let us know you want to switch your current account to HSSCU and our staff will be happy to help. We’ll supply you with a switching pack which will contain all the information about us that you’ll  need.


4. Pick a Switch Date

You’ll need to agree a date with us for the switching process to start (this is called the switch date). Ideally this date should be a time during the month when there’s the least amount of activity on your account. Making it easier for you to switch. It also means that you don’t miss any direct debits or payments.


5. Switcher Form

We will ask you to complete an account transfer form. At this stage you’ll need to confirm whether you want to fully close your old account or still keep it open. This form will be sent to your old bank, which will supply details of your direct debits and standing orders to HSSCU, to help make the switching process smoother. Any money in your old account will be transferred over to your new account for you if you have chosen to fully close your old account. When picking your switch start date, allow at least three working days for the switch form to be received by your ‘old’ bank.


6. For Switchers

When the switch is complete funds from your old account will be lodged to your new current account if you have chosen to fully close your old bank account. Check the list of existing standing orders and / or direct debits that your ‘old’ bank has sent us. Let us know if you want any changes made to your standing orders. To change or cancel any direct debit(s) you must contact your provider (the direct debit originator) directly.


7. Update Your Employer

Update your employer or anyone else who pays money into your account (such as Social Welfare) with your new bank account details as HSSCU cannot do this for you.



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