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News, Friday 11th March, by HSSCU

We have been shocked by the events taking place in the Ukraine over recent weeks and hope that the conflict comes to an end soon. With this we wanted to provide support to those affected in there. The following are some of the ways that support has been provided.


Late Late Show Irish Red Cross Appeal

A donation of €1,000 was made on behalf of our members to the Irish Red Cross during the Late Late Show’s appeal for support. A total of over €2,200,000 was raised for the Ukraine Crisis Appeal. This is a rapidly evolving crisis. Donations will help those affected get food, medicine, shelter and water.


“This new phase of the fighting in Ukraine has sent an ominous chill down my spine. The intensification and spread of the conflict risk a scale of death and destruction that are frightening to contemplate, given the immense military capacities involved.” Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross.


Countless lives in Ukraine are being torn apart by violence and insecurity. Displacement, trauma, and separation from loved ones, will have devastating consequences on the people of Ukraine. At a time like this HSSCU felt that we had an obligation to support those affected.


Medical Help Ukraine

This is a group of Ukrainian doctors based in Dublin who are fundraising to get medical supplies to send to help their fellow colleagues in their home country. We have contributed €500.00 to Medical Ukraine on behalf of our members, staff and volunteers. The transportation of the medical supplies is being organised by the Ukrainian Embassy, and the seven doctors involved are determined to help as many people as possible. We wish them the very best in their efforts to fundraise and in helping their fellow Ukrainians.


Irish League of Credit Unions and the ILCU Foundation

This is an organisation that is part of the Irish Credit Union movement which provides support to credit unions in other countries. HSSCU have been a proud supporter of the foundation and it’s work for many years. The ILCU Board has recently committed a total of €50,000 through its Foundation to supporting humanitarian efforts in the Ukraine and the credit union movement there.  The ILCU Foundation is donating €25,000 to help with immediate and ongoing relief efforts. These funds will be directed through Irish NGOs working on the ground and are best placed to respond to and scale up humanitarian efforts.


The remaining €25,000 will be allocated to the Ukrainian National Association of Credit Unions (UNASCU), a national credit union apex body, to assist them in re-starting their activities once peace returns.

HSSCU are proud to provide continued support alongside our colleagues in other credit unions to the ILCU Foundation and commend them on the above support they are providing.


Each of the involvements above have been made by possible by our members using our services and we thank you for that.  We hope that the conflict comes to a peaceful conclusion sooner rather than later.


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