Social Impact Report 2022

News, Friday 21st July, by HSSCU

We are pleased to announce the publication of our first Social Impact Report this aims to showcase our impact on the community we serve, and the positive difference we are making to our members’ lives.


You can access the report here: HSSCU Social Impact Report 2022 


Our Social Impact

Since the establishment of Health Services Staffs Credit Union over 52 years ago, our sole purpose has been centered around our members, focusing on how we can have a positive financial and social impact on their lives. While the scale of the organisation and the range and manner of delivery of service has changed over the years the key focus on our members has remained the same.


HSSCU has always had a social impact, however, this report is the first time this impact has been measured and documented. We would hope to repeat this process annually to enable us to measure any progress, if any, year on year.


Our Values

Having a social impact is an intrinsic part of how we serve members. All credit unions are guided by common operating principles, these have strongly influenced the core values of HSSCU. These core values are:


  • Integrity, Respect and Trust: we act in an honest manner, treating all our members with courtesy, respect and concern for their dignity and needs.
  • Empathy: we see our members as individuals and also partners in our organisation. We listen, learn and work together to find solutions based on their individual needs.
  • Leadership: we are insightful in the trends of our sectors. We communicate, innovate, share information and endeavour to offer creative solutions within regulatory boundaries.
  • Excellence: we hold ourselves to the highest standards for the benefit of our members.
  • Social Responsibility: we care about and consider ourselves part of our community. We strive to give back what we can. We champion a culture of diversity and environmental sustainability.


These values feed into everything that HSSCU does at every level of the credit union structure.


Going Forward

While the credit union has had a strong history of supporting its community the emerging areas of environmental protection and sustainability need to be addressed. This is a process that is underway and will continue to develop.


We look forward to continuing to make a positive social impact on our members and the communities in which they live and work. HSSCU will also be looking to compile this report and develop it further in the coming years as part of our general reporting.


The report is respective of HSSCU’s past financial year. Following the publication of this report we will be posting sections of it across our social media accounts.


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