HSSCU’s Rooftop Beehives

News, Thursday 7th December, by HSSCU

There was a great buzz around our High Street offices as we installed the first set of beehives!


Our First Ever Beehives

With this initiative, we are dedicated to supporting the endangered native Irish honeybee. In collaboration with Bee8, we have placed four beehives atop our High Street offices, a conscious decision to contribute to the well-being of bees in our local community and enhance biodiversity in Dublin 8.


All four beehives have been successfully installed. This project aligns seamlessly with our ongoing commitment to sustainability and maximises the potential of our existing green living roof.


Anthony Freeman O’Brien, Operations Manager and Lead Beekeeper for Bee8 expressed his enthusiasm for the HSSCU beehives, stating, “Teaming up with HSSCU is a positive step for Bee8! As an environmentally and socially sustainable social enterprise, our bee community goes beyond green living; it’s a practical step towards a greener city. We look forward to the installation of four new hives at HSSCU.


Installing the hives during winter will allow the bees to settle into their new home before they thrive through summer. Our new partnership with HSSCU isn’t just a sweet collaboration; it’s a deliberate effort for a better, greener urban landscape.”


This project, conceived through the Environmental and Social Impact (ESI) Committee, underscores our commitment to enhancing our positive environmental footprint. The collaboration with Bee8 has been fruitful, and we anticipate further development in this partnership.


Beekeeper and beehives on HSSCU HIgh Street roof.


Supporting Irish Bees

Due to threats such as habitat loss, disease, and competition from other bee species, efforts are underway to conserve and protect the Irish honeybee population. Initiatives and partnerships, such as this one with Bee8, aim to support and sustain these native bees.


Irish honeybees are very important because they play a crucial role in pollination, contributing to the reproduction of flowering plants and the production of various crops. Their decline would have significant ecological consequences. Efforts to protect and promote the Irish honeybee highlight the importance of conserving native bee populations for the overall health of ecosystems.


Luke Casey, HSSCU Marketing Manager, remarked on the project, “Being the first Irish credit union to house beehives on the roof of our offices is a source of pride for everyone involved! This initiative is a part of our sustainability efforts, aligning effortlessly with our Sustainability Charter. Introducing the bees was a natural extension of our green living roof at HSSCU High Street. The project is the bee’s knees, and we eagerly await its flourishing.”


We will keep our members informed about the progress of the beehives and any further developments in the realm of sustainability at your credit union.


You can catch a glimpse of the beehives on our roof in our video here: HSSCU Beehives.


2 beehives on the roof


Bee8, a social enterprise, bridges the gap between business and community across Dublin 8 in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner, fostering positive outcomes for all. Managed by Robert Emmet CDP, Bee8 is committed to environmental and social sustainability.


Environmental Sustainability at HSSCU

You can find out more about our work environmental and social sustainability on the links provided below.

Our sustainability charter can be viewed here.

Read our Social Impact Report 2022 here.

In early 2023 we planted 1,000 trees on behalf of members who opened current accounts with us. You can find out more about this here.


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