The First of a Thousand Trees

News, Friday 3rd March, by HSSCU

Recently HSSCU were on site to plant the first tree of 1,000 native Irish trees on behalf of our members who have opened a Current Account with HSSCU.  The site is located on the beautiful Dingle peninsula in the area of Mountoven, near the village of Camp.


One Current Account Opened, One Tree Planted

As you can see from the photos, this location has stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean. Everyone here are excited to see the HSSCU Irish Woods grow as the native Irish trees to be planted include Oak, Birch, Holly and Scots Pine. As these samplings grow into trees, so will the habitat around them assisting in supporting and developing local biodiversity. HSSCU members who have opened a Current Account during this 2022 period will have received their very own individual digital tree certificate. Such certificates include details of the members tree registered in their name.



Luke Casey, HSSCU Marketing Manager had this to say “It was brilliant to be there on the day and see the location in person it is even more impressive than in the photos! This is an exciting initiative from HSSCU that is really only getting started. We’re all looking forward to seeing the HSSCU wood grow as part of the wider forest there. Through this initiative we were able to give something with longevity, sustainability and a positive environmental impact back to members who opened Current Accounts. This was the first initiative of its kind in Irish credit unions.”


Our Irish Woods

The 1,000 trees will be planted for our members through our partner organisation, the HSSCU Irish Woods make up part of a wider forest of approximately 18,000 trees. This recent visit was just the beginning of the location’s planting and development. Within the scheme there are plans for beehives to be installed to assist with supporting bees and much more in the area. Bringing a wholistic approach to the site’s development and in turn the wider ecological improvement in that local area.



This initiative was made possible by members choosing HSSCU for their current account needs. As others leave the Irish marketplace, your credit union is proud to be investing in our environment, our people and supporting your financial needs. As the number of members using the Current Account services has grown so has the HSSCU contribution to this Forest.


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