HSSCU Wins In Public Sector Magazine Awards

News, Thursday 29th August, by HSSCU

HSSCU Wins Big!

Here at Health Services Staffs Credit Union, we were absolutely delighted to be contacted and told that we WON in this year’s Public Sector Magazine Awards.


Not only did we win an award, the award we won is ‘Excellence in Loans & Savings’, which means oh so much. HSSCU is proud of the diligent work that we put in to always provide our members with the best service possible and receiving recognition for such is a huge honour for us.


Public Sector Awards 2019 - HSSCU


Your Credit Union & The Public Sector


Being Ireland’s credit union for everyone working in the Healthcare industry, along with employees of Bus Éireann, Irish Rail and Munster-based employees of An Post, the public sector has always been firmly at the core of HSSCU’s operations. Speaking of our credit union’s passion for and close-alignment with the public sector, HSSCU’s CEO, Sean Hosford, stated,


“We are here for our members, and many of our members are here because of the public sector”


Serving The Public Sector – Nationwide


A large reason why HSSCU was chosen as the financial institution of choice for the ‘Excellence in Loans & Savings Services’ award is because distinct from many other credit unions, HSSCU serves the public sector on a nationwide basis. With the advantage of boasting a nationwide common bond, HSSCU has always done its best to be the perfect credit union for our members all over Ireland, as seen with the fact that members can do all of their business from the comfort of their homes, along with the constant introduction of tailor-made products. For example, in November just past, HSSCU introduced ‘Digital Onboarding‘, which allows new members to apply for membership online in a matter of minutes! In fact, we were the 1st credit union in Ireland to have this fully available via our website. This, along with special bursaries, scholarships, outstanding loan rates, savings account and more is just an example of HSSCU’s passion for the public sector and our membership as a whole.


Health Services Staffs Credit Union Wins Public Sector Magazine Award


Thank You


First and foremost, thank you to the Public Sector Magazine for choosing HSSCU and bestowing us with such a fantastic award.


Even more important however, is to thank you – our members! If it wasn’t for you, HSSCU would not be in existence and most certainly would not be one of Ireland’s top credit unions (if not number 1). Our members have always supported us from our traditional loan and savings products to every new initiative we introduce and in return, we listen, learn and always do our best to perfect our services for our members.


Should you want to read the full article, check out pages 54-55 right here.

Thank You!




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