6 Summer Holiday Finance Tips – Don’t Wing It!

News, Monday 29th April, by HSSCU

In the words of Coca Cola… The holidays are coming!


Yes, we know they’re talking about Christmas, but with the dull weather we’ve been having in Ireland as of late, we will hold onto anything that might help us think of a sunny summer to come.


Though this is the case, we know that not everyone wants to escape and that for many a staycation is exactly what the doctor ordered. One thing’s for sure, however: whether you’re looking for the sunny sands of Santorini or galloping through the glens of Galway there’s always that one little guy rearing his ugly head… your finances.

Putting money aside for holidays can be a lot of effort, but what can really pay off is planning and utilising top tips to help manage your holiday finances. With that in mind, here at Health Services Staffs Credit Union, we have drafted our top 6 summer holiday tips to share with you – we know, we’re great!


HSSCU’s Top 6 Summer Holiday Tips



1) Analyse Flight Deals CAREFULLY


Cheapest is always best, right? Well, not really… When checking flight deals make sure to include time in your budget. Cheaper flights often have longer layovers. How much are you going to spend on food.drink and that perfume.aftershave that it would be a crime to leave behind? Airport costs can easily surpass the cheap flight if you don’t have your wits about you!


2) Use ‘Incognito’ Windows


Flight prices can increase based on the number of times that you check fares on a website. By using incognito windows and/or deleting your browser history you can avoid your prices increasing and save an unnecessary spend.


3) Book Excursions in Advance


HAVE to see the Anne Frank Museum? Colosseum always been on your bucket list? Plan – just think of the money you could save! Reserving excursions online is almost always cheaper than paying on the day and can really help your budget if you have a few places on your list.


4) Stay Ahead of Flight Sales


Just like how we would recommend opting into HSSCU’s marketing, airlines often email their subscribers to let them know of upcoming flash sales. This could mean that you’re first to the site and snap up the deals before the rest of us unlucky ducks!


5) Ditch the Hotel


Hotels are fab, but expensive, Apartment/home rental sites generally allow for cheaper accommodation, Renting also often means you spend more time exploring your destination while saving money on accommodation! At that… have you thought about putting your home on one of those sites for when you’re away?


6) Research Nearby Food & Drink


Holiday goers often pop into the closest restaurant and can pay extortionate prices for average food. Visit TripAdvisor or go onto Google Maps and check what is near. You’ll find the restaurants/bars that suit your tastes and prices best! Find your local restaurant, check their reviews and scan their prices. Why pay more for less?


Need a Helping Hand?


Of course tips are lovely in theory and can often make a huge difference, but oftentimes we want to treat ourselves on our holidays and live our lives to their fullest. Should you want to treat yourself to the holiday of a lifetime or that annual trip to Italy or Spain then please feel free to apply for a holiday loan on our website or by calling us on 01 677 8648 / 1890 677 864 and we would be delighted to help. Life is about making memories after all!


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