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Blue Monday Getting You Down?

Calculated in recent history, it has come to light that Blue Monday (3rd Monday of January) is officially the most depressing day of the year! Why is this, you might ask? Well, it’s due to a combination of things really. These include: cold weather, dark evenings, failed New Year’s resolutions and yep, you guessed it – the influx of post-Christmas bills!


Blue Monday 2020 - Health Services Staffs Credit Union


While here at HSSCU, we can’t yet battle the cold weather or dark evenings, we have put out heads together and can very much help you tackle your New Year debt, however. How? Simple, with our array of free banking services and our tailor-made debt consolidation loans! With that in mind, it is important to be fully financially fit when the New Year comes around, so please see some tips we have collated for you below:


5 Financial Fitness Tips For 2020

  1. Establish Your Starting Line
  2. Set ‘Treat’ Budgets
  3. Set Up/Increase Your Pension Plan
  4. Start A Christmas Savings Account
  5. Consolidate Your Debt 


  1. Though you want to work on your finances, you certainly don’t want to rush into this. Before you start, assess your savings, loans, incomes, investments and the likes. Figure out where your finances are before you decide where to go with them.
  2. Clothes, tapas, wine, holidays, spa breaks – what’s not to love? Though these are the treats we deserve, we need to plan and budget for them. Deciding how much you can afford each month is a great start. Set your ‘treat budget’ for the year and then disperse it between the months. Know that you have a wedding and holiday in June? Then allocate more money there and spend that little bit less in April/May!
  3. OK, we know life is difficult enough without thinking of this, but it IS important. Retirement comes closer every day (scary, we know). Trust us, future you will be very thankful.
  4. Again… MORE outgoings? Well, think about it… just €20 per week would lead to a payout of €1,040 for your Christmas funds! This will lead to you having a lot less stress next January and will make your festive period much more enjoyable. You can download an application form right here.
  5. Debt consolidation loans really can help you both manage your finances and save some much needed funds. Read more about this below:


Debt Consolidation Loans – How They Can Help

Debt Consolidation Loans Ireland


What can be difficult for many of us is not just the amount of money we owe, but the quantity of debts that we have. Fortunately, debt consolidation loans can help with both. Paying for your car, home improvements and back-to-school loans while adding in credit card debt can all be very stressful. What makes it even more difficult, is that all of these loan repayments are likely to be on different dates.  A simple call to HSSCU can make this easier for you however by applying for a loan to consolidate your debt. This debt consolidation can allow you to merge your repayments into one, simple and often cheaper payment! Instead of stressing over different payments and debts, all of your debt will be in the one place, with one repayment and at one interest rate. This can also really help you save on your repayments, especially as credit card interest rates are often very high!


Should you want to take advantage of the above and make your Blue Monday that little bit less blue then please feel free to call us on 01 677 8648 / 1890 677 864 or send an application through online right here.


Please note: all debt consolidation loan approvals are subject to a member’s ability to repay. On occasion, staged repayment of debt may be necessary. Such occasions will be assessed by HSSCU’s lending team upon receiving your application.


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