Christmas Savings Account Payout

News, Tuesday 10th November, by HSSCU

Christmas Savings Account Payout 2020

HSSCU runs an annual Christmas Savings Account. Each year, HSSCU members save regular amounts into their Christmas Savings Accounts, which are then automatically paid into their accounts in November. We know just how stressful festive finances can be, which is why we have brought this free service to our members.


How Much Was Paid Out?


This November we have paid out a whopping €2.5 MILLION in Christmas Savings! This has set the tone for the Silly Season ahead with many members now starting their Christmas shopping and planning an extra special Christmas with those closest to them.


Christmas Savings Payout - HSSCU


How Do HSSCU Christmas Savings Accounts Work?


Very easily! You simply fill out our Christmas Savings Account form and send it into us. You nominate how much you want to save, note where you want the funds paid and then reap the rewards each November! You can find our form right here.


What’s even better – the savings automatically continue for the following year, so you only have to sign up once.


Can I Get A Savings Example?


Of course! For some quick maths:


  1. If you save €10 per week, you will get a payout of €520!
  2. Want more? Double this to a doable €20 per week and receive a fantastic €1,040 in November!


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