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At HSSCU, we are passionate about helping our members and our community. While we provide the best service to members, we’re aware that there is a lot more happening in our community. With that in mind, HSSCU is proud to support our members by sponsoring our community. We sponsor charities requested by members, charities who contact us directly and charities we identify that are doing great work. This year, some of our key sponsorship partners have written testimonials on their experience with HSSCU’s sponsorships. Here, they tell us about the amazing work they do and how HSSCU has helped along the way. We are thrilled to share Arklow Sea Scouts’ testimonial of HSSCU’s sponsorship of their defibrillator.


Arklow Sea Scouts Group – Declan Pluck



Hi Declan! Tell As About Arklow Sea Scout Group.


Arklow Sea Scouts have been based in Arklow Port for over 40 years. In recent years, the group has increased membership by almost 50%. We currently have approx 250 young people aged 6-24 years with over 60 adult leaders. There are 9 sections meeting weekly. We deliver a water safety and water based activity programme through informal education.  Furthermore, we deliver kayaking and sailing programmes to support young people. These do so by building confidence and skills and helping them achieve scouting adventure skills and national qualifications with ICU and ISA bodies. We aim to progress the young people to partake in national events and competitions. We also have a big focus on the members enjoying the great outdoors and the benefits of all aspects of scouting.


How Did Arklow Sea Scout Group Begin?


The Group was started in 1972 by a group of like minded people who wanted to provide scouting for local youths.


How Did You Get Involved With The Group and What Made You Passionate About It?


I was a Scout from the age of 12 when I joined the local group based at my school. I got involved with the Arklow Sea Scout Group when I moved to the area and my son wanted to join. I’ve been involved for about 12 years now. During that time I’ve mostly been involved with the scout section of 12-15 year olds. I enjoy providing the space for young people to enjoy scouting and all the opportunities and activities it provides . I’ve been involved in some improvement projects to better the experience for all our members young and young at heart. These include: applying for funding for sports equipment ie. kayaks, and sailing dinghies. Scouting is a great way of life and very rewarding and also a great way of keeping active.


Who Does Arklow Sea Scout Group Help?


Arklow Sea Scouts Group - Defibrillator


Our Group helps local young people. We provide the opportunity for a kid to join Beavers (aged 6-9), and if they want they can progress to Cubs (9-12) , Scouts (12-15), Ventures (15-18) and Rovers (18-26). From the age of 18 they can become a Scouter (Leader). We have had a lot of young people who have grown up involved in scouting, and I’m delighted to say we have many of them who are now still involved as Scouters.


What Did HSSCU’s Sponsorship Go Towards?


The funding from the HSSCU has enabled us to purchase a new defibrillator for our Scout Den. With so many people attending our scout den for all sorts of events it is very reassuring to have a defib on site. The use of a defib and first aid  is just another skill Scouts learn through their scouting journey. 



Funding from such organisations like the HSSCU makes our lives so much easier as Scouters . Otherwise it would be left to us to run fundraising events to purchase such valuable equipment. We train our members to be proficient in first aid throughout their time in Scouts. This also includes using the defib to save lives. If just one life is saved by the use of our defib I think it is money well spent and a great achievement and use of all our time.


Yours in Sea Scouting,

Declan Pluck


Would You Like to Apply?


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