2020 HSSCU Scholarship Winners

News, Wednesday 14th October, by HSSCU

2020 HSSCU Scholarship Winners

We are delighted to officially announce our 7 2020 Higher Education Scholarship winners. Our lucky winners have won a huge €50,000 between them!


So… Who Are Our Big Winners?


HSSCU 2020 Scholarship Winners


Please note, we have contacted all of our Scholarship winners either via phone and/or email.


Betty Noone Memorial Bursary


Should you have not have been successful for our scholarship remember, you could still be eligible for some help via our Betty Noone Memorial Bursary. Our bursary results will be out soon, so make sure to keep an eye!


In Need of 3rd Level Financing?


Should you need more funding for your education, HSSCU is here for you. We offer both an Education Loan and a Student Lifestyle Loan for our members. Our Education Loan is here to help you with all things university related. Should you have university covered off, but need funding to support your lifestyle, our Student Lifestyle Loan is here for you.


HSSCU’s New ‘Student Account


Don’t forget, we have also recently introduced our 1st ever Student Account. Students can take advantage of a free current account, debit card, online shopping, new mobile app and much more.


Once more, we would like to extend our congratulations to all of our 2020 Scholarship winners. All of your essays were truly fantastic and you deserve this funding!


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