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At HSSCU, we are passionate about helping our members and our community. While we provide the best service to members, we’re aware that there is a lot more happening in our community. With that in mind, HSSCU is proud to support our members by sponsoring our community. We sponsor charities requested by members, charities who contact us directly and charities we identify that are doing great work. This year, some of our key sponsorship partners have written testimonials on their experience with HSSCU’s sponsorships. Here, they tell us about the amazing work they do and how HSSCU has helped along the way. We are delighted to share ‘Women in Medicine in Ireland Network‘, which is run by the inspirational Dr. Sarah Fitzgibbon.


Women in Medicine in Ireland Network – Dr. Sarah Fitzgibbon


Women in Medicine in Ireland - WIMIN - HSSCU


Hi Sarah! Tell Us About The Women in Medicine in Ireland Network.


The Women in Medicine in Ireland Network is a support organisation for female doctors and medical students. It is affiliated with the Medical Women’s International Association ,which is over one hundred years old. WIMIN itself began in late 2017, however.


Why Did You Start Up WIMIN?


I became aware of the Medical Women’s Federation in the UK, and wondered why we did not have an equivalent organisation in Ireland. I spoke to friends and colleagues and learned about the prevalence of gender inequity in our workplaces and within our training and professional bodies. This made me decide to bring medical women together so we could discuss these issues and support each other to challenge them.


Dr. Sarah Fitzgibbon - WIMIN - HSSCU


How Did You Proceed to Make WIMIN a Reality?


It all started with a single tweet, and now we have nearly six hundred members!


In 2018, we held our first conference with over a hundred attendees from all grades and specialities within medicine. Our second conference in Cork in 2019 focused on inequities in medicine and our third annual conference, scheduled for March 2020, was due to cover the topic of diversity. Unfortunately, that was put on hold due to the pandemic, but we hope to be able to go ahead in Belfast in March 2021. We had also planned to host smaller local networking meetings, and the first of these in Cork last year was very successful.


What Is HSSCU’s Sponsorship Going Towards? How Will It Help?


The kind and generous sponsorship from HSSCU will support further regional networking events when these become possible in the future. 


What Are Some Key Successes of WIMIN Thus Far?


One of our most popular initiatives is the #SundayWiMIN tribute, which we host every Sunday. Here, we honour and acknowledge the work of a different female doctor or medical student, either past or present. Our #SundayWiMIN tributes have included senators, mountaineers, a Rose of Tralee, radio and TV broadcasters as well as numerous dedicated and committed clinicians in almost every field of medicine. We are always keen to receive nominations, so if you know of any female medic who deserves a big round of applause, please get in touch through our website www.wimin.ie!




Would You Like to Apply?


To apply for a HSSCU sponsorship, simply visit our sponsorship webpage and download our application form. We are very excited to continue our commitment of supporting our community.


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