University Hospital Limerick Bike Pump

News, Friday 5th July, by HSSCU

We are proud to have sponsored our second heavy-duty bicycle pump to University Hospital Limerick for their cycle hub. HSSCU aims to assist the hospital in promoting sustainable and active travel among staff. We are proud to be involved in encouraging active travel at the hospital.


Sustainability At HSSCU

We pride ourselves on meeting the diverse needs of our members across Ireland. By providing supports like these bike pumps, we can help both members and non-members make decisions that have a positive impact on many levels. Speaking at the presentation of the pump Luke Casey, HSSCU Marketing Manager said;


“Again just like the credit union, this pump will be there for people when they need it. We are proud to be there for our members when they need us. This cycle hub at UHL is a great addition, and we wanted to play our part in helping people choose cycling for their commute. It’s brilliant seeing these popping up in hospitals across Ireland.


Thanks to Mary Redican from our Limerick Branch for going us at UHL to make the presentation. Support like this is just one of the ways that HSSCU is looking to make positive environmental impacts for members and wider communities.”


We are always open to suggestion on how to support our members. If there is an initiative happening at your workplace and you would like HSSCU to get involved, please contact us. We will review all applications in this area. This is part of our credit union’s commitment to sustainability and our members.


Our Limerick Branch is located at 7 Sexton St, Prior’s-Land, Limerick, V94 XH0A.


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