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We were delighted to have a chat with our Finance Manager, Patricia. A Dubliner through and through, Patricia has always had a passion for figures, loves Netflix and Audible, and regularly unwinds in her vegetable garden. Patricia is well-liked in the credit union and everyone always has great words of praise for her, she does pay the wages after-all! Have a read below to get to know the lady behind the numbers 🙂


Hi Patricia, firstly tell us a little bit about yourself!


I’m Dublin born and bred, married with 4 adult kids, 3 grandchildren and a dog called Lucy. She demands more attention than the rest of the family put together and has been known to whine with jealousy if I’m on a video call to one of the grandchildren!


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What path led you to working in the Credit Union Movement?


I’m an accountant and had a number of different finance roles in various organisations over the years. I applied for a similar role in a smaller credit union around 9 years ago. I then got the opportunity  to move to HSSCU back in 2015.


We know you moved to HSSCU from a previous credit union. What makes HSSCU different?


The previous credit union was a smaller community credit union. I wore a lot of different hats in the previous credit union, whereas in HSSCU I get to focus on Finance, which is where my heart lies.


Why the love of finance?


I always loved my debits and credits ever since I was in school. I get great satisfaction when everything balances!


You have one of the most important roles in HSSCU. What does your overall role look like?


I’m responsible for the financial aspects of the credit union. In practical terms, that means making sure the financial reporting is accurate, forecasting, cost control etc.


What is an example of your general day in HSSCU?


I’m lucky that I have quite a varied job. I spend part of my day with my nose stuck in spreadsheets and reports and part of it working things through with my colleagues and in team meetings.


How have things changed since COVID-19?


The main change for me has been the lack of commuting, which is a definite plus. I miss meeting up with my colleagues in person, but we are in constant contact over Microsoft Teams, etc.


You definitely have a very busy role! What is your favourite way to relax and unwind after work?


I get great fun from growing vegetables. I am currently nursing my tomato and pepper seedlings indoors until they get big enough to plant out.  I’ve also re-discovered my love of knitting and I love my walks on the beach.



Any guilty pleasures to keep the spirits up during lockdown?


Like most people, I find Netflix and Audible great ways to switch off. I also love my jigsaws.


What is your favourite thing about working in HSSCU?


I really enjoy the variety of the job and, of course, my lovely colleagues.


Can you list out some good shows, books or movies to binge during lockdown?


I’m a big Audible fan. I’d recommend ‘Where The Crawdads Sing’ and ‘The Heart’s Invisible Furies’, which I just finished recently. I’ve also started watching ‘Your Honour’ on Sky Atlantic. It’s pretty compelling stuff so far.


Lastly, what, in your opinion, makes credit unions different to other places you’ve worked?


It sounds like a cliché, but the credit union is all about the members and we always try and do whatever is in the best interest of our members. Also I get to work with all of my wonderful colleagues and every day brings something different.


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