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News, Monday 22nd February, by HSSCU

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We were delighted to have a chat with our CEO, Sean. A Cork man who moved to Dublin, Sean is a friendly, caring CEO who puts his heart and soul into bettering HSSCU each and every day. He is a pleasure to work with and is always there to help. Sean loves a good walk, some Barry’s Tea and hanging out with his six grandchildren. Have a read below to get to know the driving force behind the HSSCU Team and service 🙂


Hi Sean, firstly tell us a little bit about yourself!


Originally from Cork, married to Norma, four children, six grandchildren and living in Dublin for  many years 


What led to you working in the Credit Union Movement?


When I came to Dublin many years ago as a civil servant I volunteered to do some work in the local credit union in Aughrim Street, and after a few months was co-opted to the Board of Directors. A year or so later, HSSCU advertised for a Credit Control and Budget Account Officer and the rest as they say is history. 


You are HSSCU’s CEO. Can you tell us a bit about your journey to this position?


I was appointed Assistant Manager in 1994 when our first Manager Colm Murphy retired and Pat Mc Dermott took up the managers position. Pat retired 5 years later in 1999 and I was appointed as Manager/CEO.


In your time as CEO, HSSCU has grown considerably. What, for you, have been the major changes/progressions?


Some of the major progressions for HSSCU were,:


  • 1988: we installed our first computer system
  • 1994: we purchased the property in High Street
  • 2004: we opened our membership to the full country
  • 2010: we began the redevelopment of High Street and took in our first transfer of engagements from another credit union


What is a general day like as CEO of HSSCU?


I know it’s a cliché but no two days are the same. My concentration, however, is on strategic matters and ensuring our credit union continues to offer a quality service to our members.


HSSCU is a nationwide credit union. How do you keep in touch with the staff in your 7 branches and with members around the country?


Keeping in touch with staff who are located around the country and who work from home can be challenging. However, the use of MS Teams, Zoom and email helps us to keep in touch on a regular basis. 


How have things changed for HSSCU since COVID-19?


The big change is that a lot of our staff are now working from home, and a lot of members are transacting business by phone, online or on our new app.


More about you! How do you keep sane at this time?


I get out and walk daily and also set aside some time to sit and read.



What are your guilty pleasures to help you through the pandemic?


Oh the cup of Barrys tea and the chocolate digestives  😊


We know you have a beautiful brood of grandchildren. Have you been able to see them as of late?


We do see them but not as often as we would have previously, but once they are all well we can deal with that. They are educating us in the use of TikTok, House Party, Instagram and Zoom.


Do you have any shows or movies you’d recommend we watch to brighten up our days?


I’m a bit of a documentary nerd, but when I want a laugh I look at some Only Fools and Horses.


Any lockdown activities to help pass the time?


Up to now I have been active in the garden, so for the winter I might take out my PlayStation 😊


What is your favourite thing about running HSSCU?


Dealing with people in an organisation that makes a difference to people’s lives. 


Lastly, what, in your opinion, makes credit unions different to other institutions?


The difference is in the fact that credit unions put member service before profit. 


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