HSSCU Scholarship Testimonial: Eimear Ryan

News, Wednesday 8th September, by HSSCU

HSSCU Higher Education Scholarships

At HSSCU, we are passionate about helping our members with their educational pursuits. We are well aware that education can be one of the most important aspects of someone’s life and we are thrilled to help make it easier for our members. With that in mind, we provide €50,000 in scholarship funds each year. Whether studying for a degree, diploma, master’s, or any further education course, our members can apply for a HSSCU scholarship. So far we have helped with physiotherapy, art courses, disability studies, and more. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what year of your course you’re in! This year, we decided to extend our application closing date to September 17th due to the later Leaving Certificate results. Please see the below testimonial from one of last year’s winners – the fantastic Eimear Ryan!


Eimear Ryan Testimonial


Eimear Ryan credit union scholarship winner


Hi Eimear, tell us about yourself!


My name is Eimear and I have 3 children and work in Dublin as a Social Care Leader. I am currently doing a Masters in Training and Education, Management, and Leadership at DCU. It is a 2-year course delivered on a part-time basis. I have completed Year 1 and will start Year 2 in September. I returned to education to further my studies and also in the hope that it will offer me further, and possibly different, career opportunities. I have been interested in doing this course for a number of years, but due to other commitments it was not possible, until now. 


Why did you apply for a HSSCU Scholarship?


I applied for the HSSCU’s Higher Education Scholarship as I was planning to apply to HSSCU for a student loan. While looking through their online portal I saw that they offered this scholarship and decided to apply. It was a simple process that involved me having to fill in a form and write an essay on why I felt I should be the one to win it. I thought it was worth a try and it turns out I was right. I would strongly recommend that any member of HSSCU, who is returning to Higher Education and is possibly worried about the cost of fees or how they will manage them, apply as I believe that a person’s financial situation should not be a barrier to their education and career goals.


Tell us about when you found out you won


When I got the call to say I had won, I genuinely could not believe it! Firstly, because I never usually win anything, but also because I wasn’t even going to apply and only did because I thought I had nothing to lose! Winning this scholarship has meant that I don’t have to worry about paying my fees on top of all the other worries you have when you return to college and have a family to look after while also working. I am so happy I applied, very grateful for the opportunity, and absolutely delighted that I won it!!


Would You Like to Apply?


To apply for a HSSCU scholarship this year, simply visit our scholarships webpage and download our application form. We are very excited to be able to afford this opportunity to a host of new members this year. You can see a wonderful video testimonial from a previous winner Alan O’Connor on our YouTube page.


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