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HSSCU Higher Education Scholarships

At HSSCU, we are passionate about helping our members with their educational pursuits. We are well aware that education can be one of the most important aspects of someone’s life and we are thrilled to help make it easier for our members. With that in mind, we provide €50,000 in scholarship funds each year. Whether studying for a degree, diploma, master’s, or any further education course, our members can apply for a HSSCU scholarship. So far we have helped with physiotherapy, art courses, disability studies, and more. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what year of your course you’re in! This year, we decided to extend our application closing date to September 17th due to the later Leaving Certificate results. Please see the below testimonial from one of last year’s winners – the fabulous Brenda Nolan!


Brenda Nolan Testimonial


Credit Union Scholarship - HSSCU


Hi Brenda, tell us about yourself!


I have just completed the first year of my postgraduate studies in Adult Guidance Counselling in NUI, Maynooth. This is a course that I have longed to do for quite some time. I obtained my undergraduate degree in 2014 and since then there has always been an intention to further my studies. Unfortunately, this did not occur as timing and finances played their part in not being ready to apply to a postgraduate course. Essentially life intervened.


What was the turning point for you?


This all changed when a trainee doctor started working in the practice, I currently work in. She had a keen interest in my role as a Social Prescribing Coordinator and in conversation one day she asked if I had planned to further my education. Here I informed her that my hope was to obtain a postgraduation qualification in guidance counselling as it is one that I hope would benefit the role I currently hold. This doctor told me about the HSSCU’s Higher Education Scholarship and the financial support offered. Such information encouraged me to apply for the course sooner than I expected. The financial burden was always something that stopped the application process. However, knowing that I could apply for financial assistance and be in with a chance to receive funding that would make my goal a reality, encouraged me to apply for the scholarship. I always had the mindset that ‘every little helps’ and even if my application qualified for even the smallest bit of funding, it would help with my educational progression.


How did you find the scholarship application process?


I found the application process to be one that was seamless. The direction was straightforward forward and sufficient time was given to apply. After applying and confirming that my application was received, I waited to hear if I was successful or not.


Tell us about when you won.

Early October I had missed calls from a number that I did not recognize. I realized it was HSSCU and made contact with Pádraig. Here Pádraig gave me the great news of being a winner of the HSSCU Higher Education Scholarship. I was over the moon with this. To be honest, I was a little shocked. I could not believe that my application got me to this stage, to a stage where financial obstacles to furthering my education were no longer. I was so happy that the people assessing the applications had a belief that I could succeed. It brought with it such encouragement and relief.


How has the scholarship impacted your life?


This scholarship has given me the chance to focus on my course and not have the financial worry that comes with it. It has allowed me to reach this level of education sooner than I thought possible. My chance to start my postgraduate studies was made possible by the financial support received by the HSSCU. This scholarship has had such a positive impact on my life, it has made something possible that might never have been. It has allowed me to participate in education on a level that I have always dreamed of. It has paved the way for a brighter future for me and my family.


Would you recommend other members to apply?

I would definitely recommend to other members of the HSSCU to apply if they were furthering their education. In fact, I have already informed two people that are considering returning to education. I feel that it is a scholarship that gives people hope; it gives people a chance to reach a level of education they always saw as a dream.


Would You Like to Apply?


To apply for a HSSCU scholarship this year, simply visit our scholarships webpage and download our application form. We are very excited to be able to afford this opportunity to a host of new members this year. You can see a wonderful video testimonial from a previous winner Alan O’Connor on our YouTube page.


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