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HSSCU’s Special Christmas Countdown Prize Draw

What’s that? Another draw? Surely not? Well, actually… YES!


We are thrilled to be doing our Christmas Countdown Prize Draw for the 3rd year running! This has become one of the highlights of our calendar and it has kicked off again this year.


What Is The Christmas Countdown Prize Draw?


HSSCU’s Christmas Countdown Prize Draw takes place each year for the 3 weeks running up to Christmas. Each week, 5 winning members are announced (Monday – Friday). Then on Saturday, they find out just how much they’ve won!


How Much In Prizes Is Given Out?


Well… that’s a bit of a surprise. While we won’t tell you the exact amount, we will however let you know that last year and the year before we gave out €50,000+ in HSSCU’s Christmas Countdown!


Who Is Eligible And Entered?


Why, all HSSCU members who signed up to our Member Prize Draw, of course! If you haven’t signed up, you can do so right here with our Member Prize Draw Entry Form.


Where Do We See The Results?


On our social media platforms! Each weekday, a member is announced as a lucky winner. Then, on Saturday, our winners find out exactly how much they’ve won! You will be able to keep up-to-date with the great news on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. For an example of what you’ll see, you can see our very 1st 2 winners below, the lovely Breda Walsh and Siobhan Young:


Breda Walsh - HSSCU Christmas Countdown Prize Draw Winner


Siobhan Young - HSSCU Christmas Countdown Prize Draw Winner



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