Credit Unions Win Best Customer Experience in Ireland

News, Tuesday 8th October, by HSSCU

Customer Experience Awards

Every year the Customer Experience awards take place via the ‘CX Impact Awards‘. For the awards, customers all around Ireland are surveyed on their experience with a large number of different brands, which will ultimately decide the results. Though there are a number of awards each year, there is one highly coveted position that only the top organisation in the country will receive… the ‘Customer Experience Champion’.


Irish Credit Unions & Customer Experience


As you will be aware, credit unions have always been focused on providing the best experience possible to our members. With that said, we were delighted to with the ‘Customer Experience Champion’ award. We firstly won back in 2015… then in 2016, then in 2017 and then in 2018. In fact, it was in 2018 that we made our world record mark. No other company had ever won the award 4 times in a row – not just in Ireland, but in the entire WORLD!


Irish Credit Union win Best Customer Experience for the 5th year in a row


5th Year Running for Customer Experience


It was an honour to hear that Irish CUs have won the award for a higher record breaking 5th year in a row! This is truly outstanding and it is all down to you, our members.


HSSCU Staff & Members


At Health Services Staffs Credit Union, we are always focused on providing the best experience possible for our members. This philosophy is instilled in our staff who ensure that every member receives fantastic service. We always want our members to leave every HSSCU interaction with a smile.


Thank You


The only thing left to say is thank you! Thank you so much to our wonderful staff and members for everything that you do. If it wasn’t for our loyal members driving our business and telling us what products/services need improving, then we simply would not be here today. We certainly wouldn’t be winning ‘Best Customer Experience’ for the 5th time running!


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