HSSCU Wins Credit Union Credit Team of The Year 2019 – Credit Team Awards

News, Wednesday 6th November, by HSSCU

Credit Team Awards 2019

Each year, Ireland’s elite Credit Teams venture from all over the country to compete in the Irish Credit Team Awards. After a competitive process, HSSCU was shortlisted for 2 of the biggest categories – and ended up with a big win!


Health Services Staffs Credit Union's Credit Team


What Do The Credit Team Awards Entail?


The Credit Team Awards is fantastic as it takes account for the entire credit aspect of each applicant. These aspects include lending, credit control, operations, products, services and much more. At HSSCU, we are passionate about the trust and service our members experience, making this award dear to our hearts.


Credit Union Credit Team of The Year - Health Services Staffs Credit Union


HSSCU’s Big Credit Team Awards Win


With stiff competition from other credit unions who attended, it was an honour to be crowned Credit Team of The Year this year. Other talented credit unions in our category included Tullamore Credit Union and Waterford Credit Union. Cara Credit Union also present and nominated on the day.  Our strong competition made it a great accolade to be crowned Credit Union Credit Team of The Year! We also want to send a big congratulations to our fellows CUs who represented so well. Credit Unions were shown to be a force to be reckoned with at the awards and we very, very proud!


Credit Team Awards - Health Services Staffs Credit Union 2019


Thank You To Our Members


As with every other aspect of our work, HSSCU would not have been victorious at the Credit Team Awards were it not for our members. You are the life of our operations and the heart of what we do. Our members are the only reason that we have such a strong credit team. We are proud to sport the largest credit union loan book in the country and quite simply, this is down to you.


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