Christmas Savings Accounts

We are happy to provide our Christmas Savings Account to help members to plan ahead for Christmas and beyond. At a time when there are additional financial pressures on all members, this account can help members to plan for the expected and unexpected financial outgoings we all experience, particularly around the festive season.

Details of this account:

  • Lodge money to this account through payroll deduction, by direct debit, cash payments or have your children’s allowance payments directed to this account.
  • This account will be separate from all other credit union accounts you may hold.
  • The account will attract a variable interest rate of 0.1%.
  • Funds can be withdrawn at any time, but we encourage members not to do so until the “payout date” in mid November; on that date all funds held in the member’s account will be forwarded to them by cheque or by electronic funds transfer.
  • Your Christmas Savings Account will not be closed following the “payout date” and you can continue to save for the following Christmas!

Application forms are available from the credit union office and from here.