Betty Noone Bursary 2023

News, Friday 13th October, by HSSCU

€118,000 in Bursaries

We have paid out a total of €118,000 to our members through the Betty Noone Bursary this year. With the average amount paid to an individual member standing at €243. Helping to put money back into our member’s pockets.


The money has been lodged to successful applicants HSSCU accounts and they will receive confirmation letters in the coming days. Once again, the Betty Noone Bursary was very popular this year. It is an exclusive benefit of being a member of HSSCU, which is only made possible by members saving and borrowing with us.


We are proud to provide this form of support to our members annually. Over the past three years we have paid over €354,000 directly to our members. This is one of the largest credit union bursaries available in Ireland and is only made possible by you the member.



When Applying


As always this is a retrospective payment made to our members, so we would encourage future applicants to retain the required documentation for next year in preparation. We would greatly appreciate that members have their paperwork in order when applying. The processing of applications is very time consuming due to the volume that we receive. Thank you in advance and bursary details on what is required can be found here.


With members submitting the correct paperwork is speeds up the decision process and helps HSSCU make the pay-out quicker. A small number of applicants were deemed ineligible because of some of the following reasons, lack of transactions on their account, wrong year, no paperwork, secondary school, or fees paid elsewhere. Again, this constituted a very small number of applicants. We would encourage members to ensure they meet the criteria for inclusion.


As mentioned, were proud to help our members in this way and hope the funds paid to applicants help cover the costs. Keep an eye on our website and social media for when the Betty Noone Bursary will open for applications again next year.


Made By Our Members

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