Made By Our Members

News, Tuesday 28th March, by HSSCU

HSSCU is thrilled to go live with our new campaign which celebrates the fact we are Made By Our Members.


We have worked to create a campaign that emphasises a key aspect of the credit union, that it was created for and by its members. HSSCU is now serving almost 67,000 members nationwide.



At the core of this is our members, like everything that we do in HSSCU it is about putting people first. When you join HSSCU you become part of a movement that believes in financially empowering its members. Our members are adaptable and resilient, characteristics that we look to reflect in HSSCU.


We look to move and adapt with the needs of our members; this is reflected in our services and how these are provided. Through this ‘Made By Our Members’ campaign we highlight that our members are integral to HSSCU and will continue to be into the future.


Made By Our Members


Health Services Staffs Credit Union is a financial co-operative formed to allow our members across the country to save and lend to each other at fair and reasonable rates of interest. We are a not-for-profit organisation with a volunteer ethos and community focus. HSSCU is owned only by its members, each of whom has one vote. The membership elects individual members to the board of directors and board oversight committee of HSSCU. The board members are unpaid volunteers and they set the policies under which the HSSCU operates.


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