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News, Monday 17th August, by HSSCU

Welcome to HSSCU’s Staff Focus!

We are delighted to introduce you to our Lending Administrator – Greg! Greg is one of our youngest staff members, has spent a summer in Vancouver and is our in-house coffee expert! A relatively new addition to HSSCU, Greg is easygoing, always happy to help and a great addition to the team 🙂


Hi Greg, firstly tell us a little bit about yourself!


My name is Greg Duffy. I’m 22 and live on the Navan Road in Dublin. I’ve been working in the HSSCU since October of last year. I attended Maynooth University and graduated last September with a degree in Business Management and Geography.



What path led you to working in the Credit Union Movement and what has your time been like thus far?


My initial plan in college was to study business only, but I instead opted to study geography with it after trying it out in first year. I wanted to study business based on how practical it was, but I gravitated towards geography due to its importance today. I picked modules based mostly on climate change and how it is impacting the planet. After returning from a summer working in Vancouver, I got an interview with the HSSCU and have been here ever since.


What does your role look like?


My role is mostly receiving member’s paperwork for their loan applications (mostly pay slips and bank statements), as well as answering calls from members on the status of their application. There is a huge daily influx of emails to HSSCU so I’m always on the go.


How have things changed since COVID-19?


COVID has dramatically changed so much about our daily routines. For me personally, it has meant splitting my working week between the office and home. It took some serious adjusting to. Coming into an office that is usually bustling and being the only person actually on my floor was strange at first. Luckily though the office is starting to fill up again.


You are one of our younger staff members – what do you think HSSCU brings to young people like yourself?


HSSCU has given me my first full time employment. Before here, I worked part time in retail through college. It has given me a great introduction into the financial sector, at a time when I was a bit nervous after finishing college. I’ve also had the opportunity to continue my education by completing additional training courses, such as a qualification in loans.


You definitely have one of HSSCU’s busiest roles! What is your favourite way to relax and unwind after a day’s work?


COVID has changed how I make use of my time off. I usually spend the weekend going to gigs in places like Wigwam on Abbey Street or Tengu. I spent a lot of quarantine on Netflix, watching shows like Community.


Do you have any guilty pleasures that keep the spirits up during COVID?


Most of my time over the last few months was spent playing PlayStation online with my friends that I could not see face-to-face. Late night sessions of Call of Duty became my peak of social interaction for a time.


We know you appreciate a well-made barista coffee. Any places you recommend we try in Dublin?


Two Boys Brew in Phibsborough is probably the best coffee I have ever had so it’s hard to overlook it. I usually go for a flat white. Vice Coffee on Abbey Street is also fantastic.



Any staycation plans for the rest of the summer?


I’m actually heading to Limerick soon. It’s a city I haven’t been to before so I’m excited to have a look.


If so, what activities do you have planned (don’t worry, pints by the sea counts as an activity!)?


I’m planning to visit the Limerick City Gallery of art as well as Limerick Castle. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit some pubs also. There is a cocktail bar that Blindboy from the Rubberbandits regularly mentions in his podcast called Pharmacia.


What is your favourite thing about working in HSSCU?


HSSCU has a unique appeal in the way that it is a financial institution, but as a workplace it maintains a serious sense of community and togetherness. Everyone that works here is always out to help one another, which makes it an extremely comfortable setting to work in.


Lastly, what, in your opinion, makes credit unions different to other places you’ve worked?


The emphasis on members is something I haven’t really had in my other jobs. Every change in how the company works always is in service of helping the customer base. It’s nice to be a part of. Staff ideas for new products are also widely encouraged, which allows staff and me personally to feel involved in how the company is run.


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