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News, Monday 15th August, by HSSCU

We’re delighted to announce that this year’s Cork selection for the Rose of Tralee, Jenny Byrne, will be our Current Account Ambassador. It started when HSSCU received a request from Jenny to support her registration process earlier in the Summer. Following Jenny’s successful selection as the Cork Rose, we wanted to continue our involvement and have brought Jenny on board.


What’s Involved In Being An Ambassador

As our Current Account Ambassador Jenny will be using the debit card as she prepares for this year’s Rose of Tralee festival. There is quite a bit to do in preparation and we’re proud to be able to support her. With the HSSCU debit card Jenny will be using it to cover the costs of dresses, hair, make up, outfits and anything else that might crop up, online or in town.


Jenny had this to say about being the HSSCU Current Account Ambassador “It’s brilliant having the support of HSSCU from start to finish! Taking part in the Rose of Tralee is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in an iconic Irish event, meet new people and to try something different. It’s expected to be one of the biggest festivals in years.”


“There is plenty of things to get ready ahead of the festival in August and I’ll be using the debit card for it, while looking to support Cork and Irish businesses where possible. After being selected as the Cork Rose I’ve had a busy schedule attending events across Cork and meeting the other Roses around Ireland. As a Rose it involves trips around the country, time in RTÉ studios and then of course the main event, the festival itself in August. It’s very much all go from now until August but that makes having the support of HSSCU even more important.”


Watch Our Cork Rose Video Here


A Little Background

Jenny is a PhD researcher at NUI Galway studying the links between gender, disability and poverty in Cambodia and Rwanda. Her dedication and commitment to this research won her a scholarship from the NUI Awards in 2020.


She is extremely passionate about empowering women with disabilities, and her goal is to practically apply this research to help women achieve their rights. Jenny is also an active volunteer with Trócaire, and people living in direct provision in Cork. She also loves learning new languages – the more difficult the better!


We wish Jenny all the best this year and we’ll be hoping she can be named the 2022 Rose of Tralee. The Rose of Tralee festival takes place from August 19th to 23rd.

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