PPSN – Why We Collect

Thursday 10th February, by HSSCU

Why do you collect Personal Service Number (PPSN) Details?

The Return of Payments (Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions and Savings Banks) Regulations 2008 requires a financial institution to make a return to Revenue of the dividend and interest paid. Financial Institutions including credit unions must make reasonable efforts to seek Tax Reference Numbers (also known as PPSN) from members, when opening a new account.

A copy of the relevant document should be provided as proof of the PPSN. This would be a document issued by the Department of Social and Family Affairs, the Revenue Commissioners, or your employer, which states your PPSN. Examples of these might include a P45, Payslip or Drug payments scheme card. The Public Services Card, however, cannot be accepted as proof of your PPSN.


Note: The requirement to ask for PPSN details also arises when borrowing with us. We are obliged, under the Credit Reporting Act 2013, to collect and verify your PPSN for all credit applications of €500 or greater.

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