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News, Thursday 27th October, by HSSCU

Volunteering The Board Oversight Committtee

As we look for new volunteers to get involved with the Health Services Staffs Credit Union, there are committees that we are focusing on. One of these is the Board Oversight Committee. To highlight this committee and what’s involved who better to talk to than a current volunteer, John Keppel. We took this opportunity to talk with John about why he volunteers and what his current role involves. Thanks to John for his volunteering over the years and chatting to us.


How you started volunteering with HSSCU?

Got a tap on the shoulder from the then Manager 33 years ago and we had a chat. The rest is history.


Why you decided volunteer with HSSCU?

I thought I would do my bit for the Credit Union, by giving something back. I had used HSSCU’s services for loans in the past. Then once asked by the manager I thought it was as good a time as any to get involved.


Can you please briefly explain what is involved in volunteering on the BOC?

The title – Board Oversight Committee, particularly the “Oversight” part describes what’s involved. We do that by observing the Board of Directors in action by attending the monthly meetings and we attend as many as possible of the board subcommittee meetings. The Board Oversight Committee are entitled to attend all committee meetings and have access to all correspondence. We can also observe the Board of Directors performance by reading the correspondence and minutes of the subcommittee meetings.


What you enjoy about volunteering?

It’s interesting to see the organisation grow over the years and I suppose to contribute a small part to a very successful, vibrant, and useful organisation for our members.


A role on HSSCU’s Board Oversight Committee is best suited to members with the relevant experience or qualifications in audit and/or governance backgrounds.


If you feels have skills required and are interested in seeking election to the Board Oversight Committee please complete the Volunteers Expression of Interest Form here:  Volunteer Form 


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