2018 Scholarship Winners – Health Services Staffs Credit Union

News, Wednesday 26th September, by HSSCU

2018 Scholarship Winners

Please see below list of winners of Health Services Staffs Credit Union’s 2018 Student Scholarships.

We had a host of amazing entries this year and deciding between the essays was no easy feat. We want to thank all of our members who entered our scholarship competition and we wish every member who is studying the absolute best in their academic careers.



To our winners – we have contacted you within the last week and are so happy to be able to help you and play a part, no matter how small, in your career path. Each and every one of you truly deserve your scholarship!


2018 Scholarship Winners – Health Services Staffs Credit Union


What To Do If You Need Financial Help for College?


If you need help in funding your course feel free to contact us. Unfortunately, our scholarship programme is currently closed for this year, but you can of course apply next year. In the meantime, if you need assistance we have a fantastic education loan with an APR of just 6.2% – you can find this here.

Remember – HSSCU alwasy #putsUfirst

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