Great Loan Interest Rates and Unbeatable Terms

Reasons to choose a Health Services Staffs Loan:

  • We have a number of very competitive variable loan rates ranging from 4% (4.1% APR) to 8.5% (8.9% APR)
  • No transaction charges or documentation fees
  • No penalties for early repayment.
  • Choice of repayment methods to suit you.
  • Loan protection insurance at no extra cost to you, if the borrower dies the loan dies, subject to terms and conditions

Rate Class                                                                                            APR

Special Rate Home Improvement Loan                                         5.12%

Mortgage Loan                                                                                     4.1%

PMC Loan                                                                                           12.68%

Special Rate Car Loan                                                                        7.2%

General Interest Rate Personal                                                         8.9%

Special Education Loans                                                                   6.17%

Green Loan                                                                                           7.2%

Secured Loan                                                                                      5.12%

For more information on our Mortgage, click here. For more on our Special Rate Home Improvement Loan, click here.

Affordable and Flexible Loans

Flexible loan schedule: You can repay your loan weekly, fortnightly or monthly to match how frequently you are paid (especially if paying via payroll deduction).  There are no penalties for early loan repayments.

No fees or charges: There are no fees or documentation charges.  Your credit union will not charge any hidden fees on your account.

Speed and convenience: Apply online for a loan at, phone 01-6778648 or LoCall from outside Dublin on 1890 677864. or call into one of our branches.

How much can I borrow: We treat each individual application on its own individual merits.  The main factors considered when assessing a loan application are:  Your ability to repay; current and future earnings and total indebtedness.

At HSSCU we believe that responsible lending should lead to responsible borrowing.

Repayment Methods

With HSSCU you can pay directly from your salary into your credit union account (where available).  Other payment methods include

  • Direct debit from your bank account
  • Online via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • By telephone to make a debit card payment
  • By posting a cheque, money order, etc. to the credit union office
  • By personally calling into one our credit union branches.

Loan Warning