Junior Accounts

 * Our junior art competition deadline is October 31st – looking forward to seeing all your entries.

Welcome Junior Members

We have 3 age categories of Junior Accounts* (see below) whom we write to a few times each year. Each category is based on the member’s age so that we can send them age-appropriate messages and materials.

We believe in engaging with our younger members to make a credit union relevant to them now and in the future. Starting a savings habit early gives them the best possible start on the path to a positive financial future. We send competition information & goodies to all of our Junior members and we encourage them to learn about money and how to save up for the things they would like to buy themselves. Our quarterly newsletter includes a full page of competitions and news especially for our younger members.

The guardian of the junior member can pay into the child’s account on a regular basis through their payroll deduction or via direct debit – simply direct some of your credit union deduction into the child’s account. One-off payments can be made into the child’s account via electronic transfer from a bank account or credit union account, or via Visa Debit online or over the phone.  Junior members are welcome to visit any of our offices to see their credit union in person should they want to. We always keep some goodies on hand to enhance their visit.

Cheeky Monkeys (aged 0-5 years) are our youngest members. All Monkeys receive a savings chart to help them plot their savings; a money box and other goodies from time to time. When a Cheeky Monkey turns 6 years of age they graduate to become a Terrific Tiger.

Terrific Tigers (aged 6-11 years) also receive posters and age appropriate goodies. All of our junior members are invited to enter our competitions and win even more goodies and prizes. When a Tiger turns 12 years of age they graduate to become a Groovy Giraffe.                                                                             





Groovy Giraffes (12-15 years) are our older Junior Members. Our Giraffes receive competition details as well as some goodies.

Forms & Downloads for Junior Members