March 2, 2018

Take control of your account with HSSCU online services

With the weather conditions causing logistical problems for both members and staff conducting business, remember, if you have an online account, you can self manage the movement of available funds from the Credit Union to your external accounts without having to brave the inclement conditions. The member area login can be found on our home page and clicking “personal log on”. If you have not yet signed up for an online account you might consider registering, as you never know when in the future you could avail of this convenient service.


After you login you will be presented with the above screen (click to enlarge), you can make a payment to an account you have already provided to us, by selecting “payments” from the lefthand menu which will bring up the payments screen, here select “make a payment” to transfer funds to an account previously used on your HSSCU account and following the steps, these can be one off or recurring on a specified interval basis eg every week, month etc.

If you just want to make a one off payment to an account you have used before you can also just use the “quick transfer” on the lefthand side of the initial screen after login.

You can also transfer funds from the cuAnywhere app, (found in the apple “app store” and the android “play store”) by selecting the account you want to transfer funds from, then selecting “transfer funds” and following the process. Where you wish to transfer the funds to an external bank you should select payees in the destination area where you will see a list of accounts you have previously provided to hsscu.

If you want to send a payment to an account your have not used with us before, you can go into “set up a destination” if you have previously provided us with a mobile number we can verify that you are the authorised account holder, by sending you a one off unique authorisation code, once you input that code in you will be able to transfer funds from this account. If you havent provided us with your mobile number you will need to contact the office so we can go through the security features.

Note you cannot set up new payees via the cuAnywhere app you need to do this via the website.

For those of you who have mobile devices with fingerprint technology; you can register your cuonline account and authenticate the app using your fingerprint taking away the need to remember all your login security details for ease of use on the go.

Other features you can use with your online account are making a payment into the account, with a debit card. Select “card payments” from the lefthand menu and follow the steps to make a secure online payment to your account.

You can also make a loan application online, again selecting “loan” from the lefthand menu and then “loan application” from across the top. Please fill in the details completely and included a daytime telephone number for staff to contact you during the process.

If you need to send us in documents for any reason including to support your loan application such as a payslip, please select “documents” from the lefthand menu and under the selections there is a button marked “choose file” please click this button and navigate to where you have saved the document, select the label that best describes the document such as “payslip” from the “document type” drop down menu, and click “submit” repeat if you have multiple documents to submit.